Release SliTaz GNU/linux 2.0

16 april 2009 - Release SliTaz GNU/linux 2.0

The SliTaz project are proud to announce the release of the new stable version of the distribution - SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0. This new version is the result of one year of community work and provides an ultra lightweight, fast, scalable and stable operating system. SliTaz provides a complete graphical desktop in less than 30MB, applications required for a reliable and robust server environment and 1400 easily installable software packages in a few clicks of the mouse. This new version offers the automounting of partitions (NTFS compliant), wifi support, an office respecting the Freedesktop.org standards (drag and drop), network booting with gPXE and boot.slitaz.org, automatic detection of USB and PCI devices, a GUI package manager and control center, and various graphical tools to manage the distribution. The creation of USB media and bootable LiveCD flavors is also simplified and greatly improved. The core LiveCD includes Firefox 3.0.8, gFTP, LostIRC, ePDFView, mtPaint, Transmission, Osmo and Alsaplayer. The site documentation is updated and you can read the release notes included in the distribution for more details on this stable version. SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 is now downloadable from the official mirrors of the project.


SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 (29 MB) - slitaz-2.0.iso