Mali GPU Kernel Device Drivers

Update: 20181104
Open Source Mali Utgard GPU Kernel Drivers      
Open Source Mali GPUs UMP User-Space Drivers Source Code

Open Source Mali-200/300/400/450 GPU Kernel Device Drivers

Source code for Mali GPUs Kernel Device Drivers, UMP Device Drivers and DRM Device Drivers under GPLv2 licence

The Linux and Android version of the Mali GPUs DDKs include three components which run within the kernel. The most important of these, known as the Device Driver, provides the low-level access to the Mali-200, Mali-300, Mali-400 and Mali-450 GPU. An important, secondary component is the Unified Memory Provider (UMP) which can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate zero-copy operations within the driver stack. An additional component, the Mali Direct Rendering Manager (DRM), is provided to integrate the Mali GPU DDKs into the X11 environment and for enabling the Direct Rendering Interface (DRI2).

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