Slitaz64 -- Endpoint

Endpoint https://tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io/packages/

What is Endpoint
Instance IP Address is dynamic IP address.
When an instance needs to be rebooted for some reasons, its port are change. Can not always use the same port.

but, Endpoint URL is always the same.
Always-on connection it is supposed to be through the Endpoint.

Endpoint URL is mapped to the first port only.
port#1: 3456 <= mapped to Endpoint
port#2: 80
port#3: 443
Endpoint need all port opened after endpoint enabled.

EndPoint URL is HTTP backend support. (TCP/UDP not suppoted.)
This is intended to be used in a web server and API Server.

Entity of Endpoint is a load balancer. This will load balance the communication of multiple back-end instance automatically.

All of the instances automatically get rebooted almost every week, The average life span of the ip address and port is one week. Sometimes it changes in one day.

Slitaz64 -- mirror1 : ARUKAS CLOUD

mirror1 : ARUKAS CLOUD

Endpoint https://tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io/packages/

tux@slitaz:~$ wget --check-certificate=quiet https://tiny-bartik-1436.arukasclod.io/packages/packages.md5
--2017-03-18 22:53:26-- https://tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io/packages/packages.md5
Resolving tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io (tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io)...
Connecting to tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io (tiny-bartik-1436.arukascloud.io)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 80014 (78K) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘packages.md5’
packages.md5 100%[===================>] 78.14K --.-KB/s in 0.1s
2017-03-18 22:53:27 (603 KB/s) - ‘packages.md5’ saved [80014/80014]

tux@slitaz:~$ tail -5 packages.md5
8959db35ba02b994c0573e553657b0bc yasm-dev-1.3.0-x86_64.tazpkg
a19b9e7f9eabb359559df66061957929 ytree-1.97-x86_64.tazpkg
1bb1b80f76b9a367158da0c930ef6b23 zip-3.0-x86_64.tazpkg
36dddd22f16e742f9b8c5570170d534c zlib-1.2.8-x86_64.tazpkg
cfc5eef6981df97da057710d3cb7a199 zlib-dev-1.2.8-x86_64.tazpkg

tux@slitaz:~$ cat packages.md5 | wc -l


Slitaz64 -- SliTaz Web Server

SliTaz Web Server

docker pull slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd

tux@slitaz:~$ docker run -d -P slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd
Unable to find image 'slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd

986f76552751: Pull complete
443082f2095a: Pull complete
2a39471c7bf0: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:ebf93fa93f15acb18b0b1d74f88d416fd3a1c181bdecc7ab266b9c9102b1c42d
Status: Downloaded newer image for slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd:latest

tux@slitaz:~$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                    COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                   NAMES
81b726213859        slitaz/slitaz-lighttpd   "lighttpd -D -f /etc/"   8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes>80/tcp   small_sinoussi

tux@slitaz:~$ ps | grep proxy
 2504 root       0:00 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 32769 -container-ip -container-port 80



Slitaz64 -- CaaS - Container-as-a-Service

CaaS - Container-as-a-Service

Arukas is the simplest-to-use Container-as-a-Service that makes it easy to deploy and manage apps at scale.
Deploy apps right out of the box
Get started for free

1. Create application

2. Start application


3. Application up and running


4. ssh login

tux@slitaz:~$ ssh -p 31382 root@
Host '' is not in the trusted hosts file.
(ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 fingerprint md5 4e:89:a7:c0:69:64:12:13:72:d6:af:18:53:af:e1:89)
Do you want to continue connecting? (y/n) y
root@'s password:
Welcome to the Open Source World!
SliTaz GNU/Linux is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

root@c1ee9ae00198:~# tazpkg -lf openssh
Installed files by: openssh
14 files installed with openssh

root@c1ee9ae00198:~# slitaz
SliTaz GNU/Linux
Release      : 5.0
Architecture : x86_64
Kernel       : 4.8.17-coreos-r1
Machine type : x86_64
Home path    : /home/slitaz
Configs      : /etc/slitaz
Main config  : /etc/slitaz/slitaz.conf
Log files    : /var/log/slitaz
Packages DB  : /var/lib/tazpkg
Installed    : 10 packages
Mirror       : http://slitaz64.96.lt/packages/
System date  : Tue Feb 28 14:47:35 UTC 2017
Boot options : rootflags=rw mount.usrflags=ro BOOT_IMAGE=/coreos/vmlinuz initrd=/coreos/cpio.gz

root@c1ee9ae00198:~# uname -a
Linux c1ee9ae00198 4.8.17-coreos-r1 #1 SMP Thu Feb 2 01:17:06 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

root@c1ee9ae00198:~# exit
tux@slitaz:~$ uname -a
Linux slitaz 3.16.36-slitaz64 #1 SMP Fri Oct 7 13:26:22 UTC 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Slitaz -- Release: 6.0

Release: 6.0


Tasks: 3 in total - 1 finished - 2 todo

Tasks lists are ordered by priority. Please read the README for more information about the SliTaz Roadmap web interface and Hg repo.


Release 6.0 in 2017 - Overall improvment and polishment. Bunch of home made features and tools such as TazPanel, Cookutils, Tazbox.

Tasks List: TODO

Publish a new Cooking and RCs

People    : All

Publish new RC's then fix latest bugs then go for stable 6.0

Publish a new Cooking and RCs

People    : All

Write the release notes for stable 6.0 on the wiki first then in
static HTML to be include in slitaz-doc package.

Tasks List: DONE

Add a bunch of new packages

People    : All

As of Feb 2017 we have 5276 packages, which is very nice!

slitaz-forge log


age author description
28 hours ago Paul Issott Tiny edits default tip
46 hours ago Paul Issott roadmap: tiny edits
2 days ago Christophe Lincoln Add a already done task about new packages
2 days ago Christophe Lincoln Add roadmap for 6.0 (use it to add latest needed tasks)
7 days ago Pascal Bellard search.sh: clouds cache (again)
7 days ago Pascal Bellard search.sh: clouds cache (again)
7 days ago Paul Issott /scn: tiny edits
7 days ago Christophe Lincoln Small misc changes
7 days ago Christophe Lincoln More fixes to sdt plugin
7 days ago Christophe Lincoln Small fixes to sdt plugin
7 days ago Christophe Lincoln Up SCN style and add sdt plugin