Slitaz -- tazpack


Extract files from tazpack file:

$ tazpack extract (packfile)

$ file=(pack name)-pack-(ver).tazpack
$ dd if=$file of=info.txt bs=1 count=2048
$ dd if=$file of=archive.tar.gz bs=2048 skip=1
$ sed -i '/^$/d' info.txt

root@slitaz:/tmp# head -17 /usr/bin/tazpack
#! /bin/sh
# tazpack - SliTaz group package management system
# author: hottunalabs@gmail.com


# default urls & dirs

root@slitaz:/tmp# tazpack list-mirror

List of available packs on the mirror
audio 2.2 multimedia
banshee 2.3 multimedia
extra-fonts 2.0 x-window
extra-locale 2.0 i18n
google-chrome 0.1 non-free
gstreamer 2.4 multimedia
mono 2.2 development
mplayer 2.4 multimedia
nvidia-driver-kver2.6.30.6-r190.53 2.0 non-free
opengl 2.2 x-window
printing 0.1 document
python2.6 2.0 development
python2.6-binding 2.1 development
qt 2.1 x-window
qt-dev 2.0 development
screensaver 2.1 x-window
video-codecs 2.2 multimedia
viewer 2.0 document
18 available packs

root@slitaz:/tmp# tazpack get-install extra-locale
SliTaz unofficial group package manager - Version: 0.1.1

Usage: tazpack [command] [package1 package2 ...] [option]

check Verify SHA1 checksums of a pack.
clean-cache Clean all packs downloaded in cache directory.
extract Extract a (*.tazpack) pack into a directory.
get Download a pack into the current directory.
get-install Download and install a pack from the mirror.
info Print information about a pack.
install Install a pack (--forced ignores SHA1 check).
list List installed packs on the system by category or all.
list-mirror List all available packs on the mirror.
reinstall Reinstall a pack (--forced ignores SHA1 check).
remove Remove the specified pack and all installed packages.
show-pkglist List of the packages in a pack.
List of the installed packages in a pack.
update Update list of available packs
usage Print this short usage.

root@slitaz:/tmp# tazpack get extra-locale

Connecting to greencomputing.sakuraweb.com (
extra-locale-2.0.taz 100% |*******************************| 4984k 00:00:00 ETA

root@slitaz:/tmp# dd if=extra-locale-2.0.tazpack of=info.txt bs=1 count=2048
2048+0 records in
2048+0 records out
root@slitaz:/tmp# dd if=extra-locale-2.0.tazpack of=extra-locale.tar.gz bs=2048
2491+1 records in
2491+1 records out
root@slitaz:/tmp# ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5104107 Feb 11 09:55 extra-locale-2.0.tazpack
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5102059 Feb 11 11:47 extra-locale.tar.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2048 Feb 11 11:45 info.txt
drwx------ 2 root root 60 Feb 11 08:56 keyring-SX6FZV
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 667385 Feb 11 09:21 list
drwx------ 2 root root 100 Feb 11 08:56 orbit-root


YourName, 5 March 2010 (created 27 January 2010)

* not tagging

* tags:
* SliTaz flavor

tazpkg is a official package manager. tazpack is a unofficial group package manager.

Tazpack group package system
Tazpack package system is a unoffcial package system which is solved complicated
dependencies. Using tazpack is much easier than using tazpkg.

1. Install tazpack
Note: tazpack is included in latest asimo flavor.

* Download tazpack
* Extract and cpoy to /usr/bin: cp tazpack /usr/bin

2. Basic usage

tazpack usage Short help
tazpack update Update
tazpack clean-cache Clean cache
tazpack list-mirror Available packs
tazpack list Installed packs
tazpack install pack1 pack2 Install pack
tazpack install pack1.tazpack... Install pack(local files)
tazpack remove pack1 pack2... Uninstall pack

3. Tazpack archives
4. About Tazpack System

Tazpack List

* Tazpack List

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Tazpack List
YourName, 25 March 2010 (created 4 March 2010)

* not tagging

* no tags

* audio pack - sound drivers and simple client(ncmpc, ncmpcpp, sonata) & audio server(mpd)
* audio tools pack - Various audio tools
* banshee pack - multimedia player
* Chrome pack - Google Chrome pack; download Chrome and the related packages
* extra local pack - over 50 extra UTF-8 locales
* extra fonts pack - TTF font pack: CJK, Thai, Tibetan, Indic, Arabic, farsi, Amharic and many more
* GNU commands & others - Replace busybox commands
* gstreamer & ffmpeg pack - ffmpeg, gsteramer and the plugins
* mplayer pack - video player(mplayer and smplayer)
* OpenGL pack - Mesa OpenGL modules and utilities
* mono pack - mono and the bindings
* nvidia driver pack - Linux- nvidia proprietary dirver
* printing pack - cups server
* Python2.6 & bindings pack - Python-2.6 and the bindings
* qt pack & qt devel pack - qt runtime modules and development
* screensaver pack - Xscreensaver and rss-glx
* Science, Mathematics and Graphics pack - clisp, maxima, structuresynth, stellarium and graphviz
* video codecs pack - video codecs and related files
* viewer pack - evince viewer and ghostscript
* xorg patch pack - Mesa related patch

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tazpack system
YourName, 11 February 2010 (created 14 November 2009)

* not tagging

* no tags

Structure of tazpack file
First part(2kB) is tazpack info data and the latter part is a tar archive.

structure of pack file
start content end
0Byte -------- info.txt ----------- 2048 (2048B)
2049 -------- tar archive -------- EOF

Directory tree

(pack name)/pkgs/_control
/pkgs/(tazpkg files)

Extract files from tazpack file:

$ tazpack extract (packfile)

$ file=(pack name)-pack-(ver).tazpack
$ dd if=$file of=info.txt bs=1 count=2048
$ dd if=$file of=archive.tar.gz bs=2048 skip=1
$ sed -i '/^$/d' info.txt