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SliTaz Kids

SliTaz for kids :-)

Welcome to the SliTaz Kids flavor. This version of SliTaz provide a an easy to use an intuitive desktop for kids older than 5 years. This is the first version, any feedback and wisheses can be done on the SliTaz Forum
It let the child play educational games, listen to music, write text documents and view or create images. The desktop use Openbox window manager, wbar for the icons bar and Nitrogen to set background images. The child can also manage is files with PCmanFM, wich is a standard and simple file manager.


  • Games: Childsplay
  • Math: Tuxmath
  • Music: Alsaplayer
  • Write: Xournal
  • Paint: MtPaint
  • Images: GQview
As on a standard SliTaz system you can install some more applications with the packages manager Tazpkg. Allowed applications for the child are on the icons bar and can also be in the Openbox menu, this let the admin choose wich applications are avalaible or not.


The desktop introduce to a standard desktop (floating windows, tasks bar) with some large and accessible icons but no menu and no files on the desktop). Any mouse click wil popup a small menu with shortcuts to applications, an item to start a slideshow with all images in ~/Images, an admin menu as well as a logout and shutdow item.
If you want a task bar with a clock and notifycation support, you can start tint2 from command line to try it and add it to Openbox start script to get it run on each session.


The defaut icons bar have an icon to play music with alsaplayer, when opened the child must click on the play button to start. The playlist is simply all the sound files found in ~/Music, so you just have to drop songs in this folder to add some songs for childs.

Childsplay alphabet in your language

Childsplay can use voices from Gcompris for the alphabet. We may have support for out-out-the-box for some languages in future version. For now you must install the appropriate Gcompris voices package and create a symlink, exemple for French localisation:
# tazpkg -i gcompris-voices-fr
# ln -s /usr/share/gcompris/boards/voices/fr/alphabet \