Slitaz -- Timeline for 4.0

Timeline for 4.0
  • Make a RC in February, Erjo is in charge and I'll help him
  • Wait 2 weeks and make another RC
  • Wait 2 weeks again and make 4.0 (release process takes about 48 hours)

SliTaz 4.0 Releases Notes (draft)


Welcome to SliTaz 4.0! Modern, secure, stable, fast and flexible the new SliTaz stable version is now out for Desktops and servers in production use.
  • More than 6500 commits in the wok
  • More than 1000 packages added to database
  • Boot in 10 seconds on very recent machine
  • Centralized configuration with the new control panel
  • New build tool which let you create SliTaz packages in a minute