mk802 -- a10 boot process


brom -> boot0 -> boot1 -> boot.axf -> u-boot -> kernel

A10 boot overview

A10 is a quite 'closed chip'. There is a brom in the chip, which can not be modified. This brom will load program from external storage(nand, mmc), which is called boot0 in allwinner. Brom will check the header of boot0, and get hardware information from boot0. The hardware information is in a config file called sys_config.fex. A pc tools will read the config file, and write the hardware information to the head of boot0. After boot0 is booted up, it will continue to load another loader boot1, boot1 init all other hardware and provides hardware abstracts and services. According to the boot OS, boot1 loads an arm elf program, boot.axf. For booting linux, boot.axf loads the u-boot and jumps to the u-boot. Then u-boot will take over.
So, the whole boot process is: brom -> boot0 -> boot1 -> boot.axf -> u-boot -> kernel