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Futaba dm-140gink Demo

The Futaba DM-140GINK Demo is an OEM device from Futaba.

The following machines have the DM-140GINK built in:

* MSI_Media_Live, Hiper HMC-2K53A, FIC Spectra....(please add)

The DM-140GINK includes is a combined device with the following functions:

* a VFD
* a Wireless Network Interface (801.11 B/G usb device Ralink chipset RT2571WF )
* Front Panel Keys

The module is a controlled by a Weltrend WT65F5 USB Micro controller.


The current LCDproc 0.5.2 does not have support for the dm140 in the package. Henrik Larsson created this rpm with a driver for the dm140.

Henlar: Here is a LCDproc working with dm140 v0.2 have the dm140_char() fixed. It is not bug free but it works.

LCDProc 0.5.2 version with Henlar dm140 driver v0.2

Quick howto:

tar xvf lcdproc-0.5.2-henlar-v0.2.tar.gz
cd lcdprov-0.5.2/
./configure --enable-drivers=dm140
sudo make install
edit /usr/local/etc/LCDd.conf


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