Slitaz -- New Cooking 20091104


# 4 November 2009 - New Cooking 20091104

SliTaz contributors are proud to announce the availability of a new Cooking ISO image based on over 2100 packages available in the SliTaz repository. The full system has been rebuilt with a new toolchain using Glibc 2.10.1 and GCC 4.4.1. This new Cooking uses the Linux kernel with better hardware support and more built-in modules. The boot process has been further improved and the boot time is now faster than ever. Major packages found on the LiveCD such as Firefox have been updated to the current stable version. Home-made GUI boxes have been enhanced. Tazpkg packages manager supports new features including the conversion of deb/rpm/arch/slackware/ipk packages to Slitaz native format. The ISO image includes a new Openbox, GTK and icons theme for an elegant and more beautiful desktop. We have also removed ePDFview and switched to an online PDF viewer. This ISO image, however, is a bit bigger than 30 Mb (31.5) due to a bigger Kernel and many new dependencies.

We would also like to announce that SliTaz project has a new support forum and a new community platform where everyone is welcome to share and to get involved! This new Cooking ISO is as always downloadable from the website download section: Get SliTaz Cooking