Slitaz 3.0

Roadmap [http://labs.slitaz.org/projects/roadmap/distro]

Due in 58 days (03/20/2010)

SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0

38 closed (73%) 14 open (27%)

Roadmap 3.0
SliTaz roadmap to Stable Version 3.0 - Release Schedule: Spring 2010

* April 2009 –> September 2009: Massively add new features and packages
* May 2009: Toolchain freeze (glibc, gcc, binutils)
* September 2009 –> December 2009: Finalize package integration, bug squashing session, stabilize new features
* December 2009: Freeze all main package versions (Alsa, GTK, lib*)
* December 2009 –> January 2009: Final tests and integration. Prepare and massively test system upgrade (2.0 to 3.0)
* February 2010: Write the Release Notes to enable translators to do the job
* February-March 2010: Prepare the Website, announce, tag repositories and release 3.0

ISO size and minimal hardware
The core ISO of SliTaz 3.0 will be under 35 Mb and will need 256 Mb to boot and be operable. The project will also continue to improve the loram ISOs and provide some flavors which will boot and still be usable with less than 128 Mb of memory.

Historically the ISO size was around 20 Mb to boot with 128 MB. With 2.0 the minimal RAM to load the core was 160 MB and we provide official flavors or web boot to use SliTaz with less memory. So the goal is always reached: provide a fully featured, fast, light and compact OS for modern hardware, but also usable on older machines.

Increasing the core ISO size will let us have support for UTF-8 and more hardware, we may also include a few more applications.

Toolchain & Kernel
SliTaz 3.0 will have a new toolchain and Kernel. The toolchain will include binutils 2.19.x, glibc 2.9 or 2.10.x and GCC 4.3.x or 4.4.x. The Kernel will include all the new and latest wireless drivers, ethernet drivers, drm modules, LZMA patches and much more.

SliTaz 3.0 will have better internationalization support, the goal is to translate all the slitaz tools, utilities and boxes using GNU gettext standards. Contributors will be able to use graphical tools such as poedit to make translations. The labs also have a i18n project to easily upload files to be included in the distribution. The locale packs will also have more translated application(s) messages for the core system and some extra packages for applications such as Gimp, Abiword, Gnumeric, etc.

SliTaz 3.0 will have full UTF-8 support and will use standard PO files for the translation of all SliTaz related tools, boxes and utilities.

We may also provide an official Asian (at least Chinese) LiveCD flavor. The SliTaz web site is now translated to Chinese and the translation team does a really good job. But including Chinese fonts into the core is not possible if we want to stay under 30 Mb, so having a flavor is the best solution.

Update Xorg to 7.4 or 7.5 if the stable release is published in time for 3.0. Updating Xorg is a huge task and a lot of testing is needed, so we will have packages ready as soon as possible in the cooking repos. With the new version we'll provide support for DRI and more graphics cards. The SliTaz utility to configure a X session (tazx) will be adapted and radically improved. We will also have a new boot option to install Xorg (screen=xorg)

SliTaz boxes
Improve all the SliTaz GTK boxes (wifibox, tazusbbox, mountbox, etc) and code more interfaces to improve desktop user experience. SliTaz 3.0 will ship a box to configure: wbar (wbarbox), crond (new tab in tazctrlbox), ssh-scp (sshbox will replace scpbox and include more features) and more...
Packages integration

SliTaz 3.0 will have the packages database frozen much earlier than 2.0, so more testing can be done and more bugs can be fixed. Packages must also follow the SliTaz philosophy: stripped down, following FHS, no files in /usr/libexec --> /usr/lib/$PACKAGE, provide desktop files and custom configuration files. We must also update the documentation and write howtos. The TAGS variable can (must) also be used, so we can improve search results.

Related issues
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* Feature #53: libungif package needed
* Feature #59: Add more and improve locale pack
* Feature #69: Synaptics touchpsd
* Feature #77: Improve boot scripts
* Feature #84: Add gnomad2 and deps
* Feature #88: Auto detect wireless card
* Feature #90: (Re)enable jpeg support into Gimp
* Feature #96: Readline : New version 6.0 available with mulitbyte supports
* Feature #99: Application par défaut pour compte ROOT ou user créer
* Feature #100: slitaz-installer : home déplacé et source
* Feature #123: Full UTF-8 support
* Feature #128: Add OpenERP
* Feature #149: Add drivers for dialup devices
* Feature #150: Adding unique SliTaz version signature to packages
* Feature #158: clavier virtuel pour Tablet (xvkbd)
* Task #57: Build a new toolchain
* Task #68: hungarian locale pack
* Task #104: Have all SliTaz config in /etc/slitaz
* Task #105: Update Xorg
* Task #134: usb device /dev/bus/usb/*/* only accessible to root
* Task #135: many pkgs, which worked well, will now fail to compile with glibc 2.10