Slitaz -- setxkbmap



The # sign means that you do this command as root on your console.

The default Slitaz-3.0.iso uses xorg 7.4 with the xorg-xf86-video-vesa 2.0.0 driver. This xvesa-driver can cause quite a few problems - it can result in a very low resolution or X does not start at all (falls back to slim or to the console). There are however some more possibilities:

  • check first, if you have enough Ram to run the default.iso - if not use the lowram.iso
  • you use the slitaz-3.0-xvesa.iso (TinyX)
  • you install the xorg video driver for your card
  • you can try to change your xorg.conf

Note: In Xorg versions up to 7.3, the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace key combination could be used to quit the X server. To enable it in version 7.4 and later, you can type the following command from any X terminal emulator:

setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

Good introductions to Xorg Configuration: The FreeBSD Handbook and X Configuration from Ubuntu
root@slitaz-3:~# tazpkg info xorg-setxkbmap

Tazpkg information
Package : xorg-setxkbmap
Version : 1.0.4
Category : x-window
Short desc : Set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension.
Maintainer : pascal.bellard@slitaz.org
Depends : xorg xorg-libX11 xorg-xkeyboard-config xorg-libxkbfile
Web site : http://www.x.org/

root@slitaz-3:~# tazpkg list-files xorg-setxkbmap

Installed files with : xorg-setxkbmap
1 files installed with xorg-setxkbmap.