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qtopia-arm http://www.arm9.net/mini2440-linux.asp

# X86 Qtopia-2.2.0 [2010-01-13] - 內含編譯腳本build-all
# ARM Qtopia-2.2.0 [2010-01-13] - 包含所有移植好並改進的源代碼,和編譯腳本build-all

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Qtopia Overview

* Introduction
* Software Stack
* Qtopia's Qt/Embedded Configuration
* Qtopia, Qt Versions and Binary Compatibility
* Qtopia Platform
o Qtopia PIM Access Library


Qtopia is a platform for embedded Linux devices that provides the end-user with a set of core applications such as PIM applications (Address Book, Calendar and Todo) and a Media Player.

Qtopia provides the developer with a clean object-oriented API to write applications for an embedded device. Most of the API presented to the developer is the same API offered by Trolltech for cross-platform development between Windows, Mac and the UNIX/Linux. The same code can be shared and reused on all of these desktop platforms and now Qtopia is just another platform to run Qt applications.

The Qtopia platform encompasses both the software that runs on an embedded device and the software that runs on a end-user desktop. The software that runs on the desktop, called Qtopia Desktop, allows the user to synchronize their data between the embedded device and the desktop. Qtopia Desktop has built-in versions of the PIM application found in Qtopia. Qtopia Desktop allows developers to write plug-ins to synchronize their information. Please refer to the Qtopia Desktop documentation for more information.