Slitaz -- Q7z / P7Zip GUI





#7Z is a 7-Zip GUI for Windows; Q7Z is a P7Zip GUI for Linux. #7Z and Q7Z attempt to simplify data compression and backup.

7-Zip is a file archiver for Windows with a high compression ratio; P7Zip is a port of 7-Zip from Windows to Linux.

Use Q7Z or #7Z if you want to:

* Update existing archives quickly
* Backup multiple folders to a storage location
* Create or extract protected archives
* Lessen effort by using archiving profiles and lists

Additional product information, including installation instructions, is available on the above Wiki tab.

root@slitaz:~# tazpkg info q7z

Tazpkg information
Package : q7z
Version : 0.8.0
Category : misc
Short desc : P7Zip GUI
Maintainer : nobody@slitaz.org
Depends : PyQt-x11-gpl p7zip-full tar make
Web site : http://code.google.com/p/k7z/