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12 days late (03/26/2011)

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0


6 closed (40%) 9 open (60%)

SliTaz roadmap to Stable Version 4.0 - Release Schedule: Spring 2011


Due in 2 days (03/26/2011)

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0


4 closed (33%) 8 open (67%)

SliTaz roadmap to Stable Version 4.0 - Release Schedule: Spring 2011

April 2010 -> November 2010: Add well tested packages from wok-undigest, split existing packages, remove dependencies.
December -> January: Fix existing packages, translate SliTaz related tools (to give translators some time before 4.0).
February -> March: Write release notes first. Update documentation and translations. Test installations, test again and release.
Packages update and build
We will try to have all packages updated to their latest version, and also well tested. All packages are cooked by the build bot which is continuously being improved by the SliTaz developers. All packages are also rebuilt many times by our new build host (offered by the FSF France) which ensures good package quality.

Packages quality and integration
A big effort must be done to fix all packages dependencies and track unneeded ones to disable them with configure. We must also make sure that all packages are well integrated into SliTaz (WM with tazx).

LiveCD flavors
We must make the creation of LiveCD flavors even easier than before and we must also promote the flavors. For this, we will have a web based flavor generator and a translated version of Tazlito and Tazlitobox. The online builder already has it's own domain: http://pizza.slitaz.org/

ARM port
SliTaz 4.0 will not have an ARM port to target new ARM powered netbooks and other portable devices - we do not have the time and resources.

Gettext support in all SliTaz tools and utilities
All SliTaz related tools such as tazpkg, tazlito or GTK boxes will be gettextized and translated into as many languages as possible.

Update and improve the main website. We need a main home page with dynamic information such as the latest commits and cooked packages by Tazbb. We also need some german maintainers and more updates between languages (original pages were in French, so the English pages need to be updated first).

Related issues
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Feature #328: boot splash
Feature #330: LXPanel: Battery monitor shows 100% of capacity all the time
Feature #342: grisbi 0.6.0 (with ofx support) ofx (needs OpenSP)
Feature #457: whish: BackupPC
Task #301: Up gcc to 4.4.3 or higher (New toolchain)
Task #305: xorg security vulnerability