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Version 1.7.0 Wrocław
Please read this entire document for important information about this release.
You find a PDF manual of the current version on the QGIS website.

Whats new in Version 1.7.0 'Wrocław'?

This release is named after the town of Wrocław in Poland. The Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection, University of Wrocław kindly hosted our developer meeting in November 2010. Please note that this is a release in our 'cutting edge' release series. As such it contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over QGIS 1.0.x and QGIS 1.6.0. As with any software, there may be bugs and issues that we were not able to fix in time for the release. We therefore recommend that you test this version before rolling it out en-masse to your users.
This release includes over 277 bug fixes and many new features and enhancements. Once again it is impossible to document everything here that has changed so we will just provide a bullet list of key new features here.

 Available QGIS Data Provider Plugins

  1. WFS data provider
  2. Delimited text data provider
  3. GDAL provider
  4. GPS eXchange format provider
  5. Memory provider
  6. OGR data provider (compiled against GDAL/OGR library version 1.6.3, running against GDAL/OGR library version 1.6.3)
  7. Open Street Map data provider
  8. PostgreSQL/PostGIS data provider
  9. SpatiaLite data provider
  10. OGC Web Map Service version 1.3 data provider

Available Qt Database Plugins

  2. QMYSQL3
  4. QODBC3
  5. QODBC
  6. QPSQL7
  7. QPSQL

Available Qt Image Plugins
Qt Image Plugin Search Paths

  1. bmp
  2. gif
  3. ico
  4. jpeg
  5. jpg
  6. mng
  7. pbm
  8. pgm
  9. png
  10. ppm
  11. svg
  12. svgz
  13. tif
  14. tiff
  15. xbm
  16. xpm