SliTaz armhf

Update 20121214
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SliTaz armhf

SliTaz armhf is based on SliTaz Linux, which uses the hard-float ABI for the Raspberry Pi.

Given the preponderance of hardfp performance over its register ignorant peers,
this will be useful in eking every last drop of performance out of the hardware. -- QtonPi wiki

Default login Username: root Password: root

Manually resizing the SD card partitions (Optional)

/etc/init.d/README for SliTaz init boot scripts.
SliTaz doesn't use runlevels; inittab starts /etc/init.d/rcS, which uses the
config file /etc/rcS.conf to run all scripts specified with $RUN_SCRIPTS, and
then starts all daemons specified with $RUN_DAEMONS. The idea is to centralize
the main system boot initialization in one configuration file. Init scripts can
use the rc.functions file (part of the base-files) to call for the status
function. Daemons can use /etc/daemons.conf to call for default options; in
this way users/admins don't need to edit the daemon init script located
in the /etc/init.d directory.

# /etc/network.conf: SliTaz system wide networking configuration.
# Config file used by: /etc/init.d/network.sh

Tazpkg - Tiny autonomous zone packages manager.
# Tazpkg - Tiny autonomous zone packages manager.
# This is a lightwight packages manager for *.tazpkg files written in
# SHell script. It works well with Busybox ash shell and bash. Tazpkg lets you
# list, install, remove, download or get information about a package. You can
# use 'tazpkg usage' to get a list of commands with short descriptions. Tazpkg
# also resolves dependencies and can upgrade packages from a mirror. I18n is
# done using gettext and eval_gettext, ex:
# gettext "displayed text"; echo
# eval_gettext "display \$VARIABLE"; echo
# (C) 2007-2012 SliTaz - GNU General Public License v3.
# Authors : See AUTHORS files


This site provides SliTaz GNU/Linux official and community documentation.

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