Slitaz -- tazusb

mount: mounting tmpfs on /run failed: No such file or directory
/init: line 119: can't creat /run/ini: nonexistent directory
tee: /run/boot.log: No suche file or directory
mount: mounting /run on /mnt/run failed: no such file or directory
/init: line 179, can't create /run/init: nonexistent directory
/init: .: line 119: can't open '/run/init'
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init !
Pid: 1, comm: init Not tainted 3.2-slitaz #4
Call trace

boot and autologin OK.

--- tazusb-orig
+++ tazusb
@@ -457,9 +457,9 @@

# Create list of files
- find /bin /etc /init /sbin /var /dev /lib /root /usr >/tmp/list
+ find /bin /etc /home /init /sbin /var /dev /lib /root /usr >/tmp/list

- for dir in /home /proc /sys /tmp /mnt /media /media/cdrom /media/flash /media/usbdisk
+ for dir in /run /proc /sys /tmp /mnt /media /media/cdrom /media/flash /media/usbdisk
echo $dir >>/tmp/list