docker -- runtime and kernel dependencies



This instruction set is meant for hackers who want to try out Docker on a variety of environments.
Before following these directions, you should really check if a packaged version of Docker is already available for your distribution. We have packages for many distributions, and more keep showing up all the time!

Check runtime dependencies

To run properly, docker needs the following software to be installed at runtime:
  • iptables version 1.4 or later
  • Git version 1.7 or later
  • procps (or similar provider of a "ps" executable)
  • XZ Utils 4.9 or later
  • a properly mounted cgroupfs hierarchy (having a single, all-encompassing "cgroup" mount point is not sufficient)

Check kernel dependencies

Docker in daemon mode has specific kernel requirements. For details, check your distribution in Installation.
In general, a 3.8 Linux kernel is the minimum requirement for Docker, as some of the prior versions have known issues that are triggered by Docker. Linux kernel versions older than 3.8 are known to cause kernel panics and to break Docker.
The latest minor version (3.x.y) of the 3.10 (or a newer maintained version) Linux kernel is recommended. Keeping the kernel up to date with the latest minor version will ensure critical kernel bugs get fixed.