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root@slitaz:/home/tux# hwsetup usage

SliTaz Setup configuration

Usage: hwsetup [command] [--option]

usage Print this short usage.
printer Paraller and USB Printer setup.
scanner USB Scanner setup.
webcam Integrated and USB webcam setup.
camera Digital Camera setup.
bluetooth Bluetooth setup.
3g-modem 3g-modem setup.
firewall start/stop firewall.
nvidia Nvidia (non-free/free) setup.
ati ATI (non-free/free) setup.

--non-free install non-free packages (nvidia, ati).
--suggested auto-install optional dependencies.
--confirm confirm before installing optional dependencies



This tool extends tazhw to make hardware setup easier. The following devices are considered: printer, scanner, camera, webcam, 3g-modem,bluetooth, firewall, nvidia and ati. Download here. Learn more

tazhw setup usage

For GUI use tazhwbox:
tazhw box

tazhw setup [device]

* To set up printer:
tazhw setup printer

* To set up scanner:
tazhw setup scanner

* To set up webcam:
tazhw setup webcam

* To set up digital camera:
tazhw setup camera

* To set up 3g-modem:
tazhw setup 3g-modem

* To set up bluetooth:
tazhw setup bluetooth

* To set up firewall:
tazhw setup firewall

* To set up nvidia (free drivers):
tazhw setup nvidia

* To set up nvidia (non-free drivers):
tazhw setup nvidia --non-free

* To set up ati radeon (free drivers):
tazhw setup ati

* To set up ati radeon (non-free catalyst drivers):
tazhw setup ati --non-free

* To auto-install all optional dependencies:
tazhw setup printer --suggested

* To confirm each optional dependency before installing:
tazhw setup printer --confirm