Slitaz -- roadmap / ARM port

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Due in 351 days (03/26/2011)

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0


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Roadmap 4.0

SliTaz roadmap to Stable Version 4.0 - Release Schedule: Spring 2011

* April 2010 -> August 2010: Add well tested packages from wok-undigest, split existing packages, remove dependencies.
* ...

ARM port

SliTaz 4.0 will have an ARM port to target new ARM powered netbooks and other portable devices.
Gettext support in all SliTaz tools and utilities

All SliTaz related tools such as tazpkg, tazlito or GTK boxes will be gettextized and translated into as many languages as possible.
Related issues

* Task #301: Up gcc to 4.4.3 or higher (New toolchain)
* Task #305: xorg security vulnerability


English-General•? slitaz on pda ?

o lmart o April 4 o Permalink

Has anyone replaced WinCE on HP iPAQ h1910 with SliTaz?
o ernia o April 4 o Permalink

i don't think that slitaz works on arm architecture too...
i think that debian works on arm, search for debian armel
o monz o April 4 o Permalink

There was/is a project to put Linux on the HP iPAQ 1910:


I have one too, and have wanted to try this but never got around to it, because it seems complicated enough (involves burning a new BIOS etc.) that i keep putting it off.
o jozee o April 5 o Permalink

Question asked at the right time :-)
We are working on porting SliTaz to arm. So, fun is about to begin.