Slitaz -- Qt / pictureflow


#include <qwidget.h>

class PictureFlowPrivate;


Class PictureFlow implements an image show widget with animation effect
like Apple's CoverFlow (in iTunes and iPod). Images are arranged in form
of slides, one main slide is shown at the center with few slides on
the left and right sides of the center slide. When the next or previous
slide is brought to the front, the whole slides flow to the right or
the right with smooth animation effect; until the new slide is finally
placed at the center.

class PictureFlow : public QWidget

Q_PROPERTY(QColor backgroundColor READ backgroundColor WRITE setBackgroundColor)
Q_PROPERTY(QSize slideSize READ slideSize WRITE setSlideSize)
Q_PROPERTY(int slideCount READ slideCount)
Q_PROPERTY(int centerIndex READ centerIndex WRITE setCenterIndex)