Slitaz cooking 20080518

18 May 2008

Cooking 20080518 and LinuxDays.ch

SliTaz team is proud to announce the availability of a new Cooking LiveCD ISO image providing huge changes from the stable release. SliTaz now uses Openbox as it's default Window Manager, desktop icons let you launch your favorite applications and manage files and dbus and hal will automatically mount removable media such as USB keys or Hard disks. Packages can now be managed through the graphical Packages Manager Tazpkgbox and mountbox and netbox are now much more usable and complete. The LiveCD now offers:- lua, a desktop search engine with searchmonkey, system information with Hardinfo, task management with LXTasks and a password and clipboard manager. All the major packages have been updated; SliTaz now uses a new toolchain using the last glibc-2.7, GTK 2.12.9 and Firefox 3.0 RC1! You will now find 580 packages on the mirror including wireless support for the kernel and the necessary tools for a manual connection or via the SliTaz netbox. This new announced Cooking version can be downloaded from SliTaz mirror. Note: This version is going to be used at the LinuxDay.ch in Geneva Switzerland.