Slitaz -- git-hg

mercurial to git converter using git-fast-import

# tazpkg -i hg-fast-export-20120921-1.tazpkg
# git-hg clone http://hg.slitaz.org/cookutils
# tazpkg -i gitk-1.8.3.tazpkg

## Usage ##
- Clone an hg repo, including ones over HTTP:
        $ git-hg clone http://some/random/hg/repo [local-git-repo-name]

- Fetch updates from the hg repo:
        $ git-hg fetch

    or optionally:
        $ git-hg pull # same as git-hg-fetch && git merge hg/branch_name

- Checkout a new branch from hg:
        $ git-hg checkout branch_name
- Push changes back to hg, optionally to a specific destination:
        $ git-hg push [destination]

## Structure ##
`.git/hgcheckout` - contains a bare mercurial checkout of the specified repo

`.git/hgremote` - contains a bare git repo clones from the mercurial one,
   this is added as a remote called "hg" in the base repo