Slitaz -- lxc

Linux Containers

Linux Containers (LXC) are an operating system-level virtualization method for running multiple isolated server installs (containers) on a single control host. LXC does not provide a virtual machine, but rather provides a virtual environment that has its own process and network space. It is similar to a chroot, but offers much more isolation.

root@slitaz:/home/tux# lxc-checkconfig
--- Namespaces ---
Namespaces: enabled
Utsname namespace: enabled
Ipc namespace: enabled
Pid namespace: enabled
User namespace: enabled
Network namespace: enabled
Multiple /dev/pts instances: enabled

--- Control groups ---
Cgroup: enabled
Cgroup namespace: enabled
Cgroup device: enabled
Cgroup sched: enabled
Cgroup cpu account: enabled
Cgroup memory controller: enabled
Cgroup cpuset: enabled

--- Misc ---
Veth pair device: enabled
Macvlan: enabled
Vlan: enabled
File capabilities: enabled

Note : Before booting a new kernel, you can check its configuration
usage : CONFIG=/path/to/config /usr/bin/lxc-checkconfig

root@slitaz:/home/tux# lxc-start -n slitaz-lxc

Please press Enter to activate this console.

root@slitaz-lxc:/# ls /dev
ls /dev
console  null     pts      shm      tty0     tty5
log      ptmx     ram0     tty      tty1

root@slitaz-lxc:/# nslookup cook.slitaz.org
nslookup cook.slitaz.org
Address 1: dns.hinet.net

Name:      cook.slitaz.org
Address 1: ks3367256.kimsufi.com