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$ uname -a
Linux slitaz 4.14.85-slitaz #2 SMP Fri Dec 7 20:47:20 Europe 2018 i686 GNU/Linux

$ date
Mon May 4 13:40:49 UTC 2020


A GdkPixbuf represents an image, normally in RGB or RGBA format.
Pixbufs are normally used to load files from disk and perform
image scaling.

This demo is not all that educational, but looks cool. It was written
by Extreme Pixbuf Hacker Federico Mena Quintero. It also shows
off how to use GtkDrawingArea to do a simple animation.

Look at the Image demo for additional pixbuf usage examples.

  GtkImage is used to display an image; the image can be in a number of formats.
  Typically, you load an image into a GdkPixbuf, then display the pixbuf.

  This demo code shows some of the more obscure cases, in the simple
  case a call to gtk_image_new_from_file() is all you need.

  If you want to put image data in your program as a C variable,
  use the make-inline-pixbuf program that comes with GTK+.
  This way you won't need to depend on loading external files, your
  application binary can be self-contained.