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The SliTaz Cookutils provide tools and utils to help build SliTaz packages. They are easy to use and learn, fast and light. You will be able to create SliTaz packages in a few commands. The cookutils provide the 'cook' utility and the Cooker.
Cook lets you compile and create a package, provide a log file and check the receipt/package quality. The Cooker is a build bot with more automation and can be used as a frontend to cook since it provides a CGI/web interface which lets you view cook logs in a nice and colored way. Cook and the Cooker use the same DB files and wok, they both share blocked and broken packages as well as any activity.
For technical information, for example the coding style, etc, please refer to the README found in the source tree or in /usr/share/doc/cookutils.

Cookbook - SliTaz Cookbook.